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FDA takes ‘STeP’ toward safer devices

The FDA has released final guidance for a new, voluntary review process that would streamline its review of devices and device-led products designed to treat non-life-threatening diseases and make available medical treatments safer. Modeled on the agency’s breakthrough devices program, the Safer Technologies Program (STeP) would cover devices that could improve the safety of treatments […]

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The New Thinking in Orthopedics

I talk with orthopedic folks in different companies every day. It astonishes me how many people in our industry get caught up in the inertia of the successes of the 20th century. When business is healthy and growing, people fall back into historic business behaviors. While these default orthopedic folks are sleeping, new disruptive orthopedics […]

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The Staggering Cost of Inefficient Systems in Healthcare

It is estimated that today, roughly one third of all healthcare spending is wasteful, providing no benefit to patients — and that wasted money amounts to a humbling $1 Trillion. Further, studies show that hospitals waste $12 Billion per year on poor communication.   With increasing numbers of big name hospitals reporting decreases in operating margins, […]

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WARNING for Orthos

Get onboard with digital patient health or get run over A new report exhorts the medtech industry to invest in customer-centric capabilities and digital collaborations to build personalized health solutions or die by being outgunned by tech companies with deep expertise and data-driven consumer solutions. A report released this week at the annual conference of […]

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